Booklet Maker

If you have an InfoPrint 2190, InfoPrint 2210, or InfoPrint 2235, you can use the Booklet Maker feature to use the fold-in-and-staple finishing function. Booklet Maker supports jobs that are a maximum of 15 pages in length.

When installed, the Booklet Maker feature is in output bin 3, which is called the Shift Tray Lower. InfoPrint Manager selects Booklet Maker for a job only when the job specifies:

  1. center-stitch
  2. Output bin 3

Note: If you specify output bin 3, but do not specify center-stitch, pages will be routed to output bin 3 but booklets will not be created.

For more information about specifying the Booklet Maker bin for either PostScript, PCL, or AFP jobs, see your printer documentation.