When to use a separate command processor

The pdserver the GUI is connected to is used to process all the requests that the GUI makes for any object in the InfoPrint Manager system. It also receives and manages the multitude of events sent from all the objects in the InfoPrint Manager system the GUI is monitoring. Often all the GUIs and clients are connected to the pdserver running on the default port, 6874. If the pdserver the GUI is connected to is receiving requests from other clients, such as, pdpr commands, and doing other functions, such as, printing jobs, it might be doing too much work for it to process GUI events fast enough. Starting a separate pdserver that only works as a command processor, that is, it contains no destination, queue and job objects, is a good solution. Not only does this new pdserver have more cycles to process GUI events, but it also takes some of the load off the pdserver doing the printing functions. It allows AIX to move the processing around to other CPUs in a multi- processor environment too. All threads of a process are run on one CPU. By creating a new process, AIX is free to run this process and its threads on any free CPU.