Mapping raster fonts

If the AFP document you are converting to PDF contains raster fonts, you can create a smaller PDF document by accessing the raster fonts outside of the AFP document.

The afp2pdf transform uses this search order for raster fonts:

  1. The icoded.fnt file is searched for the code page and character set pair.
  2. The font directory specified with the Foca_Font_Path value in the afp2pdf.cfg is searched.
  3. When a raster font is not found in the icoded.fnt file or the Foca_Font_Path value in the afp2pdf.cfg, the afp2pdf transform uses a default font. The default font is a Type1 font, one of the PDF Base 14 Fonts, or one of the virtual DBCS (Type0) fonts. You specify the default font in the csdef.fnt file.