Create an E-mail actual destination when you want InfoPrint Manager to E-mail your jobs.

Before creating an E-mail actual destination, complete this worksheet.

E-mail Destination worksheet

Wizard prompt Description Value
Name The name for the actual destination object.  
Server The InfoPrint server that controls this actual destination.  
Logical destination The logical destination that directs jobs to this actual destination.
Note: We recommend that you create a separate logical destination object so that the same logical destination does not feed jobs to both a printer and one of these non-print destinations.
  • __ Default
  • __ Existing: ________
  • __ Create: ________
Logical destination's server The InfoPrint server that contains the logical destination.  
Queue The queue that holds jobs destined for this actual destination. If you selected a new LD, you get these three options:
  • __ Default
  • __ Existing: ________
  • __ New: ________

To create this type of printer, use the Create Printer Wizard in the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI. (On the menu bar, click Other → Create → destination_type, where destination_type is E-mail.)

Referring to the worksheet E-mail Destination worksheet provides the information that the wizard prompts for.