How the PCL Secondary uses fonts

The PCL Secondary supports only these types of fonts:

  1. 300 pel AFP fonts
  2. Relative-Metric AFP fonts
  3. AFP Outline fonts
  4. TrueType/OpenType fonts
You must install one of these font types on your system so they can be used by the PCL Secondary.

Because the PCL Secondary transfers data to the PCL printer character-by-character during job processing, you cannot examine the PCL data the same way you might examine standard text or PCL data. As a result, you cannot scan the output data for certain text strings.

Also, the PCL Secondary can neither communicate with the printer to see if the job completes printing nor query fonts on the printer after the print command has been issued.

Since each TrueType, Type1, and CID-Key fonts are written to disk, make sure that enough disk space is available; otherwise, jobs will fail to print. Here is the disk location: /var/psf/Printer Name/TempFont.