Installing service updates with ip_update

The ip_update script can be used from the AIX command line to install service updates for InfoPrint Manager. You can use ip_update to install service updates instead of the InfoPrint Installer if you would prefer using the command line.

To apply service using the ip_update script, do this:

  1. Log on to your system as root.
  2. Insert the InfoPrint Manager Service DVD-ROM into your DVD-ROM drive.
  3. Make sure that no jobs are currently active on this server (any active jobs will be interrupted by the service process).
  4. Open a terminal window.

    If you are using CDE, you may open a terminal window by clicking on the terminal icon contained in the front panel. The front panel is the task bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. By default, the terminal icon is contained in a popup menu above the text editor icon that appears on the front screen.

  5. Follow this procedure to prepare your DVD-ROM drive and install the updates:
    1. Type the following on the AIX command line: smit cdrfs.
    2. Select Add a CDROM File System from the list of choices presented.
    3. Click List and select your DVD-ROM device name (cd0, for example).
    4. Type the following in the MOUNT POINT field: /cdrom.
    5. Click OK. The running person icon will raise its arms to indicate success. If it instead falls down and you see crfs: 0506-909 /cdrom file system already exists, do not interpret this as a failure. The existing /cdrom file system should be usable.
    6. Press the F12 key to exit SMIT.
  6. Enter the following commands at the command line:
    1. mount /cdrom
    2. /cdrom/ip_update

      The update installation progress displays.

    3. umount /cdrom

    Push the eject button on the DVD-ROM drive to retrieve the DVD-ROM.