Verifying RPM files

InfoPrint Manager for AIX requires the AIX operating system to be installed at the supported version. It also expects the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) to be installed on the system. InfoPrint Manager has specific dependencies on the base-level RPM files listed below, all of which can be installed by accessing and download them.

The InfoPrint-supplied pioipps backend provides printing over a secure communication (SSL/TLS). If you plan to set up AIX DSS actual destinations to print using pioipps, then you need to install the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS). You can install CUPS and its specific dependencies by accessing the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications official site for downloading packages:

CUPS supports self-signed, CA-signed, and enterprise certificates, with configurable certificate validation, cipher suite, and SSL/TLS version policies. Out of the box, CUPS uses a Trust On First Use (TOFU) certificate validation policy like the popular Secure Shell (ssh) software, requires TLS/1.0 or higher and only allows secure cipher suites. You can read more about CUPS Encryption at