Using the License Key Management Application

To start the application:

  1. Start the License Key Management Application by entering pdlicmgm at the AIX command line.
  2. From the InfoPrint Manager Licenses main window, click Add... to continue the registration process:
    1. Choose which type of license you want to use for your installation and then click Next.
      • If you choose to try the product, it will run in trial mode for the time period shown (60 days). Before the trial period is over, you must buy the product to continue using it.
      • You can choose to register your product manually using the self-service website.
        • If a license is added on top of an already installed license of the same type, the application deletes the previously installed license and installs the new license. This allows renewed maintenance licenses to be installed without manually deleting previously installed licenses. Always make sure you install a valid license for you product.
    2. The next screen displays the License Agreement. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.

      Depending on the type of license chosen one of the next options will be displayed:

      1. Trial license

        Select the trial license file you want to install.

      2. Perpetual license
        • In the Register manually using the self-service website window, complete the entries:
          Entitlement ID
          The Entitlement ID is only used to identify what you purchase.
          System fingerprint
          The system fingerprint is used for generating a license key. It is automatically generated.
          Note: If the system fingerprint used for generating a license key is changed, the InfoPrint Manager software continues to run in grace mode for a period of 7 days. You must contact your local representative to receive a new license key before the period expires, otherwise the InfoPrint Manager software will stop running on this system when the grace period ends.
          License key
          Click Browse to select the folder where the license key was saved after you received it by e-mail or downloaded from the self service website.
    3. Click Next or Register to display the next screen.
    4. If Register is selected, the following message appears:
      • Registration successful if the registration process is successful.
      • Registration failed if the registration process fails.

        If registration process fails, a pop-up message is displayed to indicate why the registration failed.

        Note: If the license management application fails to install the license, the InfoPrint Manager installer will not proceed with the installation.
  3. From the InfoPrint Manager Licenses main window, click Delete... to open the dialog box.

    The dialog box opens on the screen asking: Do you want to delete the License?

    • Select:
      • yes the license is deleted
      • no the license is not deleted

    The graphical interface of the license management application displays the currently installed licenses with options to delete and to add licenses.<