Color Email

Sending documents as email attachments

If you have color Portable Document Format (PDF) or PostScript files, you can send these files to target e-mail address through InfoPrint Manager and receive color output.

If you want to submit color emails, you should set color-bits-per-plane attribute to 8.

Make sure that your color PDF files pass through the Email DSS without being transformed no matter what method you use to submit the job to the InfoPrint Manager server. To do this, specify job attribute job-ripped-by-server = false. Or, you can set the actual destination to not rip PDF document formats. However, that would apply to all PDF jobs submitted.

Any job or document attributes that require the Email DSS to transform the data are not supported. For a list of these attributes and for more information about the job-ripped-by-server attribute, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.

Note: Color Email is not supported if your e-mail job sent to an Actual Destination contains any of the attributes specified in the lists that follow. If these attributes or conditions are sent to an Actual Destination, the file will print as black-and-white (MO:DCA-P) output.