Delivery method and delivery address

The delivery method component shows how you want notification messages to be delivered. The delivery method and delivery address components are strongly related; the delivery method you select determines the type of value you use for the delivery address.

In addition, delivery method and delivery address are the keyed components in notification profile entries; they are the two values that InfoPrint Manager checks when you modify a notification profile. If the delivery method and delivery address that you specify match the delivery method and delivery address of an existing entry, InfoPrint Manager updates that entry. If both values do not match any of the existing entries, InfoPrint Manager adds a new entry to the profile.

There are various delivery methods defined for InfoPrint objects. All methods are valid for all objects except for job-log; job-log is only valid for jobs. InfoPrint notification delivery method characteristics lists the delivery methods, along with descriptions and how to set the delivery address for each type.

Note: One other delivery method sapcb exists, but it is only used internally with the InfoPrint Manager SAP Print Feature. You should never use either of those values in a notification profile entry.

InfoPrint notification delivery method characteristics

Delivery Method Description Delivery address

Message is the default delivery method for all objects.

Sends a message to the InfoPrint Manager notification server, where it waits for an InfoPrint Manager Notifications client to pick it up. Once a message is picked up, it is deleted from the notification server; there are no further records of those messages. The delivery address listed in the notification profile can be whatever you want it to be– a user id, office number, IP address, driver's license number– as long as it is unique. In order to receive messages sent to that address, you must set the delivery address listed in the Settings dialog in the InfoPrint Manager Notification client to the same value. The InfoPrint Manager Notifications client will only pick up messages that specify an identical delivery address.
electronic-mail (synonyms: e-mail, email) Sends an E-mail to the address listed in the delivery address, The E-mail address that you want notification messages to be sent to. For example,
exit Does not actually send a message. Instead, when the event specified in the event identifier occurs, InfoPrint Manager runs an exit program or script. See Using the 'exit' delivery method for more information. The full path to the notification exit program or script (with hard-coded arguments, if any).
delivery-method-wireless Sends notifications to wireless devices, such as pagers, cellular phones, palm pilots, and laptop computers. Because wireless notifications are delivered as emails, you must set both the smtp-server-host and the smtp-server-port server attributes on this InfoPrint server.

If your InfoPrint server is behind a firewall, you might have to configure your SMTP server. For information about this task, see Configuring InfoPrint Email.

file Writes the message in the file you specify in the delivery address. If the file does not exist, InfoPrint Manager will create it. If the file does exist, InfoPrint Manager will overwrite it the first time it writes a message. After that, messages are added to the end of the file. The directory path and name of the file that you want to write your notification messages in. This file must reside on the same system as your