Getting help for notification messages

If you receive a notification message that you do not understand, InfoPrint Manager provides a way to get more information about the situation. In some cases, the explanation even suggests some things you can do to resolve the problem.

To see the full text of an error message, use the pdmsg utility and specify the message number to display help for notification messages you received.

For example, you receive this notification message about the PrintQueue1 contained in server MainServer.
Subject: 5010-192 Message from InfoPrint server: MainServer
[05/30/97 07:26:381]  5010-304 The queue MainServer:PrintQueue1 
                               is backlogged.

To receive help for message 5010-304, enter the command:

pdmsg 5010-304

InfoPrint displays information similar to this:

 5010-304 The queue _________:________ is backlogged.
 EXPLANATION: InfoPrint calculates that there are too many jobs in
 this queue for all the jobs to print within the time specified by the
 queue-backlog-upper-bound value.
 A notification-profile value requested that you be notified of the 
 event queue-backlogged.
 SYSTEM ACTION: The queue continues to accept jobs, but there will
 be a delay before they print.
 RESPONSE: Alleviate the backlog by moving some of the
 jobs to a different queue or by adding actual destinations to 
 this queue.

Note: The LANG environment variable and the message catalogs installed control the language in which the pdmsg utility displays message help information.