Machine carriage control characters

Machine carriage controls were originally the actual hardware control commands for InfoPrint printers and are often used on non-InfoPrint systems. Machine controls are literal values, not symbols. They are not represented as characters in any encoding, and therefore, machine controls cannot be translated. Typical machine controls are:

Machine Action
X'09' Print the line and single space
X'11' Print the line and double space
X'19' Print the line and triple space
X'01' Print the line (do not space)
X'0B' Space one line immediately (do not print)
X'89' Print the line, then skip to channel 1 (top of form, by convention)
X'8B' Skip to channel 1 immediately (do not print)
Machine controls print before doing any required spacing. There are many more machine control commands than ANSI. Carriage controls might be present in a file, but every record in the file must contain a carriage control if the controls are to be used. If the file contains carriage controls, but the line2afp command keyword and value cc=no is specified, the carriage controls are treated as printing characters. If no carriage controls are specified, the file prints as though it were single spaced.