Submitting attributes through a file with the -Z option

You can create a sample attribute file using an input date type of AFP, PostScript, or Portable Document Format and submit it as the emailfilename for the syntax listed above:
-x subject-text="Test Script"
-x document-type=printable
-x document-type=email-body
-x document-type=email-signature

On the command line, use this syntax to use this attribute file:

pdpr -p logical_destination -Z emailfilename
where logical_destination is email1-ld and emailfilename could be named /email_script/samp.script and stored on your local system. You must have defined a body.txt file and a sig.txt file for this script to work correctly.

This attribute file sends a report to a 'johndoe' Internet ID, using a logical destination (printer) named email1-ld that you specify from the command line. The convention indicates a company-wide addressing system. It indicates the country (us), the company name (name), and the communications name (com) for all fully qualified addresses in the company.

You cannot put comments in an attributes file using the -Z option.

This script does not print ASCII input data. To print ASCII input files, see Submitting Text Files with a Korn Shell Script.