Submitting the job

Complete these steps to submit the job.
  1. To determine whether the logical destination IP5000-ld is ready to receive jobs, type:
    pdls -c destination -r "enabled" IP5000-ld
    You will see this message if the logical destination is enabled:
  2. To submit the file MyJob to the logical destination IP5000-ld and request two-sided printing and the color-toner-saver attribute, type:
    pdpr -d IP5000-ld -x "sides=2 color-toner-saver=true" MyJob
    Note: The page size and orientation that is specified in the job and in InfoPrint Manager must match that specified at the printer. Otherwise, the job will print on the page size and with the orientation specified at the printer.
  3. To query all the jobs that you submitted to logical destination IP5000, type:
    pdq -d IP5000-ld
In the previous examples –d refers to the logical destination and –x refers to the attribute string that contains the attribute-value pairs you want to include.

You can use these attributes from the AIX command line or you can change them in the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI:

  • color-bits-per-plane
  • color-bits-per-plane-supported
  • color-rendering-intent
  • color-toner-saver
  • color-toner-saver-supported
  • resource-context-presentation-object-container

See Using and changing color and resource attributes for details on when and how to use these attributes.