Working with ACLs and groups

Use the AIX SMIT utility to manage the security of your print system. Open an AIX term window and enter smit on the command line. The line InfoPrint Printing System will appear as an option. By following the menu item to the right with your cursor, you can navigate the this directory structure of menu choices:

Tab #1 Tab #2 Tab #3 Choices
InfoPrint Printing Systems Security→ Groups→ Add Group
      Show Group
      Add User to Group
      Remove User from Group
Tab #1 Tab #2 Tab #3 Tab #4 Choices
InfoPrint Printing Systems Security→ Access Control→ Operations→ Show Access Control List
      Servers→ Change Access Control List
      Destinations→ Remove Access Control List

These three groups are created for you by default and display when you select the GroupsShow Group option: acl_admin, admin, and oper. The authorized user is placed in the acl_admin group. To have the access necessary to modify the FST security characteristics, the user must be a member of the acl_admin group.

For specific information supporting a menu choice, press F1 for help.