Using the Resource Installer to install OpenType fonts

If you have OpenType fonts, you must install them using the InfoPrint AFP Resource Installer (Program Number 5639-EE2). If you create a new library or subdirectory for these fonts, you must also update the global search path on your InfoPrint Manager server. If you place them in an existing subdirectory, InfoPrint Manager should already have this location in its global search path.

Each time you either add new OpenType fonts or modify existing ones, you must reinstall them with the Resource Installer to make sure that InfoPrint Manager can access them correctly. The search order of directories for a data object font resources is the same as the search order for AFP font resources. Make sure that the path where you install the OpenType Fonts is in the font search order that InfoPrint Manager uses. For more information about how the font search order is defined see The search order for AFP resources.

An administrator installs the OpenType fonts in a particular directory on each system. On an AIX server, the default path for installing these fonts is the /usr/lpp/ipfonts directory. On a Linux or Windows server, the default path is set up by the administrator who configured the system.

Once the OpenType fonts have been installed through the InfoPrint Fonts Collection product, you must run the Resource Installer to create the Resource Access Table (IBM_DataObjectFont.rat) and store it in the same directory where the fonts reside. The Resource Installer does not prompt you to do this task because the Resource Installer is not aware of changes to the directory. As a result, the system administrator who installed the new fonts must do this task whenever fonts are either added or removed from the directory.

The Resource Access Table contains an entry for each installed font so that InfoPrint Manager can access it.

For more information about how to use the Resource Installer of InfoPrint Fonts, either access the online help system of the Resource Installer or see Using OpenType Fonts in an AFP System.