Logging accounting information

The wait-for-job-completion attribute (Report job completed when printed label on the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI) indicates whether InfoPrint Manager for AIX:
  • Waits for the job to print completely before reporting the job as completed (Yes).
  • Reports the job as completed as soon as all the data has been sent to the printer (No).
If this attribute is set to No, InfoPrint Manager will log the number of pages submitted, regardless of whether they printed or not.

If the wait-for-job-completion attribute is set to Yes and you are using Send and Save options 1 through 5 or 7, 0 pages will be logged as having printed, regardless of whether they print or not. If you are using the 0 Print now (Default) option or the 6 Print Now and Archive to Document Server option, InfoPrint Manager will log the actual number of pages printed.

To change this attribute from the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI:

  1. Select Printer