Turning duplexing on and off for the InfoPrint 45 and InfoPrint 70

If your printer has the capability to duplex and has an option on the console to turn it on and off, you should understand the hierarchy of duplex processing options based on your selections.

The InfoPrint 45 and InfoPrint 70 can produce either simplex (single-sided) or duplex (double-sided) output. You can turn the duplex option ON or OFF at the printer console, depending upon what type of output you need. However, you can also turn duplexing on and off using the sides attribute in InfoPrint Manager. If you use InfoPrint Manager to turn duplexing on or off, the InfoPrint Manager setting will override the setting on the printer.

You can set the sides attribute on a document, default document, or an actual destination. You can also specify duplex or simplex in a form definition (formdef). If you set the attribute in a document, that setting overrides the value in the formdef. The formdef overrides the setting on the default document, which overrides