Commands you can use with InfoPrint Select for macOS

Typically, InfoPrint Select is used to let users print to InfoPrint Manager destinations from existing macOS applications. In addition, you can use several InfoPrint commands that can be issued from the Command Line on the client system.

Information about security and how users can be authorized to InfoPrint Manager is found in the "Managing security for InfoPrint Manager for AIX" section in the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures guide.

InfoPrint Manager lets authorized users (normally all users) use these InfoPrint commands:

Lists selected attribute values for a job, destination, or other InfoPrint object
Submits a job to a logical or actual destination. If LDAP job authentication is enabled, you must authenticate using your LDAP credentials before submission.
Queries the status of selected jobs, of all jobs submitted to a logical destination, or of all jobs assigned to an actual destination

InfoPrint Manager lets authorized users (the job owner is usually authorized) use these