Resource configuration planning

Resources in the Windows HA cluster include the application and all the shared file systems that belong to it. Windows HA provides an environment by identifying a set of cluster-wide resources essential to uninterrupted processing defining relationships among these nodes ensuring resources are available to client processes. When a cluster node fails or detaches from the cluster for a scheduled outage, the Cluster Manager redistributes its resources among any number of the surviving nodes.

Each resource in a cluster is defined as part of a Resource Group or a Role. This allows you to combine related resources that need to be clustered to provide a particular service. A Role includes the list of nodes that can acquire those resources and serve them to clients. Resources can either be cascading or rotating.

When configuring the InfoPrint Manager clustering, you have to add the InfoPrint services as resources in the created Resource Group or Role.

Before adding the Infoprint Manager services as resources, the InfoPrint Manager shared folders need to be created within the shared disk in the cluster (CSV) and the cluster nodes need to be rearranged.

Changes within the primary node

  1. Mount the CSV.

    Failover forces the CSV to be mounted within the other node.

  2. On the CSV storage, create this folder structure: