Configuring the InfoPrint Manager Web Administration Interface

  • Make sure that there is an entry for IP address, hostname.domain, and, hostname in the /etc/hosts file on your AIX or Linux server. For example: ironman (Syntax: IP-Address Full-Qualified-Hostname Short-Hostname).
  • When adding users to the InfoPrint Manager Access Control Lists (ACLs), the changes suggested in this section are needed for the FST Mode of security and for using InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI and InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI. If Active Directory / LDAP implementation is planned or completed, it is still useful to have the FST admin users in place as backup. However, those user IDs are not used once LDAP is enabled in InfoPrint Manager. Do not add the DefaultUser for Web GUI to the admin Group in InfoPrint Manager.

To add users to the InfoPrint Manager Access Control Lists (ACLs):

  1. In an AIX command prompt, type smitty ipr.
  2. Select SecurityGroups.
  3. Select Add Users to Group and add administrators to admin.
  4. Add any desired users to JobViewer.

To start the Web Server:

  1. Log in as ipm1 (or custom user for InfoPrint Manager) or su to ipm1, unless InfoPrint Manager was installed with root as the InfoPrint Manager user.
  2. In an AIX command prompt, type smitty ipr.
  3. Select InfoPrint UtilitiesWeb Server Start the Web Server.
  4. Select one of the options in the list and press Enter.

To change the default settings:

  1. Select InfoPrint UtilitiesWeb Server Web Interface Settings.
    • You should change only the Allow job submissions and View Full File settings.
    • The default value for Allow job submissions is no. If you change it to yes, all users are allowed to submit jobs.
    • If the value for View Full File is no, only the first page of the job is quickly presented in the Job Viewer. However, you can still go through the entire job. If you change it to yes, the presentment of the first page takes longer for larger jobs, because the entire job is processed first.